I’ve had mediocre sex with tens and fallen hard for sixes.I’ve been surprised by colossal chemistry and done things I wouldn’t have thought I could.Because everyone is someone’s ex but in Ningbo that person is probably a friend of yours.

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“I’d really like to get to know you but I’m about to go to prison for two months.” “I got too attached to you and didn’t know what to do.” “What we did was the biggest mistake of my life.” “I knew who I was until you came along.” “I’ve decided to stay with my girlfriend.” “I’ve decided to stay with my boyfriend.” “I’m in love with you and I hate you.” “You’re my first Asian. ”I’ve assaulted two people for kissing me even though I wanted them to. Broken glasses, broken hearts, one-nighters, all-nighters, a lot of genuinely awful decisions and the kind of stories that you can only tell people you’ve either known your whole life or are never going to see again.

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Nobody likes an expiry date so back you float into the friends-with-benefits, open-relationship status.

If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard the phrase, “I really like you but I’m leaving” then I’d have, well, something close to twelve dollars. Then I wore it too many times, got angry, tore the sleeves off and now I’m using it as a rag to inhale alkyl nitrites through, alone in my room.

if you have one you’d like to share anonymously with us, we’d love to hear it. You’ll soon find out why they’re really here and it will either be because they’re running away from something, China in their eyes is a giant juicy dumpling made of sexually-repressed Chinese girls and opportunities to make mad money, they’re aimless ambition-less hippies ‘teaching’ English and ‘seeing the world’ or they’re students. Secondly, you would do well to adhere to a tier system when it comes to date locations. Haven’t decided how much you like them or how much Chinglish you can stomach?

we maintain editorial consent over everything, so that means we’re not going to publish anything “sensitive” or anything content we deem needlessly offensive, racist, sexist or in any other way intolerant. Take them somewhere obscure that happens to sell alcohol.

They make mountains out of the same bloody molehill that everyone in this place is climbing.

Europeans tend to be more open to the idea of an easy out, because a steamy summer romance with an inevitable but blameless end date sounds like the easiest way to not have to break up with someone ever.

But know that the minute you do, the rumour mill will be a buzz with Ningbo’s residents adjusting their mental map of the city’s sexual network.