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I will be more than happy to help someone with Italia..... During the years I was learning several languages (english, french, spanish, japanese, russian,greek...), but I don't speak many of them. I am graphic designer&illustrator based in Belgrade.

I would like to speak fluently english, also I am insecure about my sentence constructions (es..... If someone want to learn Serbian, I will be happy to help :) Hi there!

So it is possible to have anidea about your online friend.

First you have to make member ship to the Omegle Serbia website and then you will be able to see your online friend with the help of your web cam. The person we are chatting with can tell us other things about hisw/her personality or look.

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Ilikeyou - Общайтесь в чате, назначайте свидания и знакомьтесь с более чем 2 миллионами людей.

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