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He said: ‘They [Lucy Faithfull] seem to say there is a really serious endemic problem but my personal view is I have encountered a lot more serious crime locally in the towns I have worked in in the south of England.'St Helena has the same issues as any other jurisdiction and has made strong progress over the past few years in dealing with and prosecuting sex offenders, and improving child protection.

Councillors and Government here welcome any objective and independent review of our current arrangements.

Speaking of the investigation by Northumbria Police, an FCO spokesman said: ‘The report found no evidence of criminality by individual officers, but make a number of helpful recommendations about how the performance of the police could be improved.

Past case: Residents said it was ‘worse than Pitcairn Island’ (pictured) – another remote British territory where, ten years ago, six men on an island of just 47 people were convicted of dozens of sexual offenses Mr Coll, who claimed the situation on the island was no worse than his old beats of Brighton and Hastings, retired one month after a condensed version of the charity report was published, after his four-year contract ended.

Recommendations in both the reports cited have been implemented and are now well embedded on the Island.

There is always more to do and we are not complacent, but the fact remains that child safeguarding provisions on St Helena are stronger now than they have ever been.

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