Many sites are very specific about what is allowed and what isn't, and you don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

To join in the chat fun you will need to input a User name.

Recently though they completely changed their chat system and now there isn't even a private message system, so it completely sucks.

Basically I'm looking for other good webcam chat sites?

** This Gay Chat Room Requires Java - Check your web-browser messages for easy install information ** HOW TO BEHAVE IN CHAT ROOMS - A GUIDECyberspace chat is a great way of connecting people with similar interests be they gay or straight.

Chat rooms come with their own etiquette, or "netiquette", which may confuse or even intimidate a novice.

Preferably with a fair amount of people and the option for private messaging.

According the website, the title is: Men - A Gay Chat Community - Free Text and ....

These acronyms change and develop all the time, so keep up with the zeitgeist.

Step #8 - Smiley Face :)Use emoticons and smilies on occasion.

If you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it on the internet. Although the internet is less formal than other forms of written communication the same grammatical rules apply.

The only exception may be the use of acronyms such as BTW - 'by the way', LOL - 'laugh out loud' or FYI - 'for your information'.

Your town is as specific as you need to be, as are your sexual preferences (but keep it clean!