Her IQ was very high so her friendships had huge gaps in them that was completely unsatisfying. Just as I was about to end the call, she came in wearing only a towel“Hey Meg, it’s me”She didn’t respond.

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Meg went quiet for a sec then said“I am so turned on right now, we need to end this conversation so I can get myself off. She rolled her chair back and put her hands in her pants and started rubbing her clit slowly with her eyes for the first few moments.

She then looked back at her screen and said“Still there I see. ”My heart started pounding, I had already decided I wanted to but actually doing it is entirely different.

We had become comfortable enough with each other by now that I had no problem with her idea. I was surprised to see her, I was expecting a nerd on the other side but she was really beautiful and she laughed when I told her.

We had regular video chats after that, it got to a point where we chatted every day this way.

My father insisted that I take a day off once a week and leave the studies on the weekend as he was concerned I would burn myself out, this meant I had enough free time to do what I please, get bored or get up to mischief. On one of my scheduled off days, I was in no mood to leave my room but I was incredibly bored.

I lay on my bed, switched on the TV and started flipping through channels.

I pushed my chair back, slowly slid my hand into my shorts and started masturbating while she watched and continued to rub herself.

For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again.

Note from Jen: this next confession was given to me by Lisa.

It was emailed to by Shelly after the reunited at their high school reunion and eventually shared their K9 encounters with each other.

I could find nothing to watch that I was in the mood for so I switched the TV off and logged onto my PC.