Using inline style is not recommended because the design is still in HTML.For search engine optimization, texts should be separated as much as possible from design.However, the No Frames element can have a negative impact in search engine rankings. Never use i Frames unless you have a very good reason (such as advertisements or payment solutions).

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Flash is frequently used to add video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to websites.

Only use Flash for graphical presentations or effects. If Flash is used for navigation, make sure the destination page can also be reached using text links.

But because measurement pixels contain no information, this is not a problem.

The title is the main text that describes the content of a page.

The title is the most important element in order to improve your SEO score and search engine rankings!

Incorporate two or three keywords in the title in a natural way.

If a page has more than 10 images, this may mean they are being used incorrectly. An exception can be made for images such as measurement pixels.

Measurement pixels for statistics can also be seen as an external image.

Despite the fact that most search engines do index websites with frames, we recommend not using frames.

Using the No Frames element makes your website visible even to visitors who cannot view frames.

The IP address of your website should should be associated with your domain name.