then when they go to another room or another name they're saying the same things to Another.

More role play, more drama, not an ounce of submission in them anywhere.

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There's not a thing wrong with that as far as it goes and as long as they go into a real time situation with their eyes wide open aware of the dangers that could be waiting for them.

As long as they sit down and discuss their limits and the "Dominant" partner agree's to those limits and abides by them they should be safe enough.

He decides what gets done in what order when and how, His word is final.

I can ask to explain why I don't think I can do something the way He wants and ask if I can do it this way to make it easier on me, usually the answer is yes as I'm not as physically strong as He is.

They see their Owner's glass half empty and they fill it, they take care of their Owner's needs sometimes before the Owner realizes what it is They want.

They don't need words of praise, the fact that their Owner is content and comfortable is praise enough.

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They don't need other's to see that they're submitting, the fact that they are is more then enough.

When their One tells them to come, they put down what they're doing and go gladly hoping that they can provide some small thing to ease the comfort of the One.

They will, depending on how skilled they are, kneel at the feet of the "Dominant" doing as they're told without negotiating what limits they will go to.