Also, I don't know if they'll have them where you live but checkout Underage Club events that run in school holidays.They're packed full of teeny boppers who are couple years younger than us.

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I repeat: f(x)=(a b) - n Where: a=alcohol b=busting a move n=not giving a fuck I've reread this a couple of times this past day trying to internalize almost everything you put out here. " But this was like the second half of my senior year and time was already running out. If there is no other point that I can express, then let it be this: You will never, ever, have as much access to young, ignorant, willing pussy than you do at this very moment. Be that cool guy that everyone wants to party with. Sometimes, their inner slut is only released they've had sex with a few guys in college.

What I didn't know was that I had what all men desire later in life: access. I had summer jobs just so I could save up a grand, for what? Remember, girls develop at a younger age, and while for a few, only alcohol is needed, they also tend to be more willing to hold on to their virginity.

The easiest girls at house parties at your own school are the girls who have reputations for being really really slutty and the ones who don't know anybody there except maybe one other girl they came with.

The chances of being cockblocked is much lower, she'll be glad that you're talking to her because she doesn't know anyone and last but not least her reputation isn't at stake infront of all her schoolfriends.

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I'll just tell you what I would do if I was in your shoes, sonny boy: I'd work a summer job and bust my ass off until I could afford to buy a few handles of grey goose. I'd get those high school bitches wasted and I'd hit on every single last one of them, even the chubbies. You want to feel like you're the sexiest motherfucker alive when you look in the mirror.

Girls that young and dumb, that's all the game you need. As I recall, I asked her to hang out, I got her drunk and stoned, pulled her clothes off, and fucked her brains out. I'm sure other older players here feel the same way. Hit the gym hard, improve your style (ie if you see a look you like, copy it).

You can't go out 3-4 nights a week like they do, you're stuck with house parties every other week where the majority of the time it will be the same set of girls.

There will be nights where some beta friend is having a party and the quantity and quality so low you're stuck gaming an ugly girl for practice.

My school has 2 dudes for every girl as well (I think because it used to be an all boys school) and it's not particular large so I've always had to game outside of that circle.