add "The Real G-WAY" on skype if you're interested...Skype is so much better than the vintage camming we had to live through.

Now I'm asking every girl I meet silly questions.

Here are a few or my favorites: More photos from my trip back home.

One thing she really stressed was the importance of coming up with a few icebreaker questions to get the conversational ball rolling.

I was skeptical--aren't icebreakers kinda corny? But Rachel made a compelling argument that it's better cheesy questions are ultimately more effective than tired demographic inquiries like "How many siblings do you have?

It is important to be organize with your contacts, because they will build up quickly and you don’t want to get confuse between girls. I create a list by category, and I categorize the girls by a city where they live. I chat with the girl at least three times, and if I like her, she gets on my list.

This is something you will have to think about and ask yourself: “How should I organize my Skype contacts? It’s useful for my travels, so I can locate the girls in that town immediately and start to chat with them few days before my arrival and arrange to meet. To keep my list clean, I delete all the girls that I don’t feel connect with, or I didn’t hear back. At the moment, I have got 235 girls in my list from 25 locations around Asia.In Asia is super popular, and most of the girls online have one account. Time is come to talk to your new online friends and to reach your overall goal (what ever this is in your case). I would suggest using the same username as per your dating site profile to avoid confusion, select a cute avatar (I love to use Teddy Bear).Don’t worry about the profile; it isn’t important on Skype so you can skip it.Yahoo was better than most, but the images were so small.I remember one site where the images were updated once every five seconds.Not only will this tip make your image look better and slim down that double chin if you have one, it will be easier to focus on the conversation instead of the empty space in front of you. For your first date, don’t show up in shorts or pigiama.