and its first single, "Too Hot", reached the top twenty on the RPM singles chart.Subsequent singles "Walk Away" and "Feel Your Love" reached the top 40.

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Welch told Hit Quarters he was impressed by her "spectacular voice", her character and her lyrics.

At the time she was still living at home with her parents.

Together they decided it would be best for her career to move to Toronto and start writing with other people.

The two wrote and recorded Morissette's first internationally released album, Jagged Little Pill, and by the spring of 1995, she had signed a deal with Maverick Records. According to manager Welch every label they had approached had passed on Morissette apart from Maverick.

Morissette has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.

Her father was of French and Irish descent and her mother had Hungarian ancestry.

Van Wilder has married a lot of high-profile women since then, but his first big Hollywood romance was with the (seemingly) angry rocker.

Background: Maybe it was the Canadian connection that brought these two together, or perhaps they had too much to drink at Drew Barrymore's birthday...

Let's take a look back at the drama that you oughta know: Dating: 1992-1994Coulier and...