In an interview with last March, EP Greg Yaitanes — who’s currently helming Cinemax’s new hitman drama Quarry — acknowledged that Banshee “always had a limited premise and lifespan,” adding, “We push hard to make sure every episode is better than the one before it, and that takes an enormous amount of energy and creativity and work.”Banshee‘s fourth and final season — featuring Eliza Dushku! Hi guys, I’m Jasper and I am the new owner of Antony Starr Online! I hope to continue providing you all the latest news, photos, and more on Antony, including Banshee.

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2013, BANSHEE stars Antony Starr (“Wish You We re Here”) as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pa., where he continues his criminal pursuits w hile enforcing his own code of justice.

Other cast members include Ivana Milicevic (“Aloha,” HBO’s “Mind of the Married Man”) as Carrie Hopewell, a notorious jewel thief who lives in Banshee under an assumed identity with her new family, which has recently learned of her criminal past; Ulrich Thomsen (“The Celebration”) as Lucas’ arch-enemy, Kai Proctor, an intimidating, wealthy businessman who believes he is above the law; Hoon Lee (“The Blacklist”) as Job, a dangerous transves tite computer hacker who assists Lucas and Carrie in their criminal enterpri ses; Frankie Faison (“The Good Wife,” HBO’s “The Wire”) as Sugar Bates, a wi se and powerful former boxer who owns the local watering hole and serves as confidante to Lucas and Job; Matt Servitto (HBO’s “The Sopranos”) as Brock Lotus, Lucas’ long-suffering veteran deputy; Ryann Shane (“Lights Out”) as D eva Hopewell, Carrie’s teenage daughter, who is rattled after learning Lucas fathered her; Lili Simmons (HBO’s “True Detective”) as Rebecca Bowman, Proc tor’s sexy niece, who has taken on a larger role in his criminal activities; Matthew Rauch (“The Blacklist,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”) as Clay Burton, P roctor’s multifaceted, complicated bodyguard and right-hand man; Tom Pelphre y (“The Following”) as Kurt Bunker, a former skinhead who joins the Banshee sheriff’s department as a deputy; and Chris Coy (“The Walking Dead,” HBO’s “ Treme”) as Calvin Bunker, Kurt’s unsavory brother, who has kept his Nazi tie s.

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By: Tankman (Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson) =================================== My name is Jim and I’ve worked on the set of 8 Simple Rules for over a year now and have gotten very comfortable around the cast.

I have also been infatuated with the “sisters” Bridget, played by Kaley Cuoco and Kerry, played by Amy Davidson.

From there the young actor returned to Shortland Street to play Stratford Wilson, a recurring guest role. Antony’s feature film credits include Toa Fraser’s internationally acclaimed debut feature, No.2, The World’s Fastest Indian, Without a Paddle and the acclaimed feature film In My Father’s Den.