According to the same study, nearly 90% of Millennials believe that there are a large number of websites that have not done a very good job of optimizing for mobile.

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Dr Herrero is currently writing his 8th book: “Mobilize!

The Company as a Social Movement, Powered by Viral Change™”, which will be published in 2017.

He is an international speaker on organizational challenges, and has won the highest recognition from many audiences at public forums and in-house events – including the Grand Davos Award in a World Communication Forum.

He has also been a speaker at TEDx in London with great reception.

Alongside his medical and psychiatric qualifications, he holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is a Fellow of several management bodies.

He is also an Executive Fellow at the Center for the Future of Organization, at the Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University.

Many of these changes will be due to the fact that users are increasingly searching for products and services directly from websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and You Tube.

There are two reasons for this shift in customer habits: Most marketers would be hard-pressed to look at this list and see any case for continuing to avoid mobile and touchscreen optimization.

This means that, as customers have more content to choose from, competition is going to increase significantly.