Then, there are Mixed Race people and recent immigrants, or children of immigrants.

This diversity can be simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming.

A 10-second query would have told the person that Guyana is a former British colony and thus proudly the only English speaking country in South America and that Easter is a religious holiday that has nothing to do with nationality. If someone makes a snafu, be sure that you aren’t over-reacting.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was any relationship.

Eating shared meals family-style from one dish or with your hands may be expected.

It is not insensitive to announce your lack of knowledge about someone’s culture and ask them to gently guide you where you fall short.

If you’re only firing off questions and not sharing of yourself, it can come off more as an interview, at best, or at worst, an interrogation.

Black people who have come more recently from certain countries may introduce you to their families quicker or have varying expectations of marriage or commitment.Instead of approaching someone with judgement, be curious to learn more about them.Remember, their culture is only a part of who they are.As a Passionate Living Coach, many clients timidly raise the topic.Rather than expecting everyone to just shut up and blend in, it is wonderful to claim your British heritage and the cultural legacy of your family. There may be foods, music, practices of worship, rituals, rites of passage that your family brought with them to the UK.In some cultures, a man will say “I love you” meaning “I like who you are.” This might easily scare you off or come across as aggressive or overbearing if you’re not aware of the differences.