Or you can tie meals to specific company objectives.

For example, you can buy lunch on Fridays for employees after you know they have achieved their weekly goals.

As people continue to work for me, over the course of each year, I slowly help them mark off each of their goals.

You don’t always have to take their input, but you’re better off asking them what they think as they could come up with a good solution or a point that you haven’t thought of.

Plus, this will also help them think outside the box.

They are there to help you grow your business and do what’s best for it. Everyone has feelings, and people want to be heard.

So, when you are in meetings or making decisions about your company, ask your employees what they think.

You can do things like rearranging office furniture, but I prefer changing up the environment by being spontaneous.

For example, I have weekly brainstorming sessions with two of my marketers, and I conduct those meetings in my condo.

So, every Friday, I make sure I compliment them on the job well done and tell them how happy I am to be working with them.

I also do the same thing over the weekend through text messages and emails, which makes them feel ecstatic and ready to work hard on Monday.

If you can’t figure out what appeals to them, you may want to start with dangling money as most people are looking to move up in their careers and make more money.