This is the default behavior when Windows XP encounters a system failure.To see what the error was you can change the default behavior by right clicking on “My Computer” and choosing “Properties”.I have had this PC for a little over 2 years and although I have had tiny problems here and there, nothing this troublesome.

computer keeps restarting after updating-40

Lots of good advice already but one thing to try is quite simple!

Please give more technical details of your system and how old is it?

Here are some computer repair tips to help you diagnose the problem.

When a reboot occurs from within Windows XP, your computer will totally restart without telling you what caused it.

What do you do to protect and scan for viruses and other malware?

We had the same problem with a new PC, it kept restarting then got worse and it stopped starting all together. The operating system was actually fine , it was the power supply box that went bad quickly.

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Roughly a week ago I made the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (from win7 premium) due to the deal Microsoft had running for updates.

i) The errors I have noticed are: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_Area. Sometimes my displays (3 monitors) just shut off and the power buttons start blinking as if they are not getting a signal from the tower; this is also true for both my keyboard and mouse (they are both illuminated/back lit), as their lights go out.3. I can see everything, but my mouse won't move, keyboard won't do anything, etc.