Brace yourself for cancelled dinner plans, romantic dates cut short and the recollection of his child’s precious moments during foreplay.4.

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Today we talk to two women to hear about their crazy baby mama stories -- women who have been manipulated, schemed, and plotted against simply for having a boyfriend who has a child with someone else.

We also give you tips on how to deal with your boyfriend's baby mama.

It turns out she had a paternity test done secretly which confirmed Jared was indeed the father.

I had thought Kat was afraid that Jared was going to try to take the baby away, but she figured he would no longer be angry at her after a year's time, and if the baby was his, that seeing the child would melt his heart.

His sex drive would put Usher’s raunchy lyrics to shame.

On paper, he’s the closest thing to perfect you’ll experience.

Even more, since Jared was a lawyer and Kat still loved him, she probably figured she would try to get back into his life and lead the financially comfortable role as an attorney's live-in-girlfriend.

Kat didn't come from a poor family by any means, but her parents weren't exactly happy to have an out-of-wedlock grandchild and an unmarried daughter around their house.

You can’t begin to fathom how you survived this long without him and you dare not imagine a future where he’s missing from your life. He has a child from a previous relationship – what we in urban areas call a ‘baby daddy’.