Identify the mistakes you’ve made in the past and double down on the interior work to avoid pattern repetition.Rich and Julie share final thoughts on living your life connected to your truth and committed to your most important relationship – the one with yourself.Rich and Julie break down the lies we’re told in movies and fairy tales, and teach you how feeling whole and fulfilled on your own lays the foundation for the best kinds of partnerships. The truth is, there is great beauty in imperfection, and embracing it both in yourself and the people you love will only enhance your relationships.

Sexuality is vital in intimate relationships – it’s one of the things that separates them from the rest of the relationships in your life.

Rich and Julie advocate for a fundamental shift in the way you view sex, and teach you how treating sex as sacred will help you overcome communication barriers, worship your partner (and be worshipped in return! Many people fear a loss of freedom that comes with commitment, but in truth, total commitment is one of the greatest freedoms we can experience.

They’ll also teach you a simple mindset change that will allow you to free yourself from many of the negative emotions that surround the dating process.

All relationships are growth opportunities both for you and your partner.

We're partnered with Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, best selling authors, wellness advocates and lifestyle experts.

They've been married for 13 years - and in a committed relationship for over 18! In this course, they'll share all of their secrets with you, from attracting your soul mate, to having awesome fights, to sparking and sustaining passion.They’ll show you how to use a breakup as a catalyzing experience for reflection and growth, so you end up even better off than when you started.Every relationship is a learning experience, so make sure you’re learning!Rich and Julie walk you through the illusion of a singular soul mate, and how timing, compatible qualities and complementary differences all play a role in welcoming someone into your life who challenges you, supports you, and inspires deep and lasting love.You’ve laid the groundwork inside yourself, and now you’re ready to date.Being happy is a choice – let Rich and Julie show you how to make it.