There's a lot of stereotypes and misinformation, eg.

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Morocco is also more sexually liberal than other Islamic countries (which has caused Moroccan women to have a negative reputation abroad) so sex would play a part in any relationship.

However, unlike in the West dating isn’t seen as a fun activity.

How Dating works in Morocco: Rather simple, is the Girl wearing a hijab?

If yes, then she’s probably religious thus avoids dating or just doesn’t want a guy to approach her.

I stress that most of the men scamming women are from a very low class, unable to find or afford a "quality" Moroccan wife, and too lazy to find a job, so they take the easy way out.

Tthere is a booming tourist industry, with Moroccan designers, businessmen and entrepreneurs living and working overseas.But you're right, for the rest it is very difficult.Either that or some are just greedy and want Western luxuries rather than a comfortable existence.If no, then she’s probably not that religious and would be open to such a thing.You can even approach them on the street My friends and I used to approach and flirt with random girls on the street all the time, i was never lucky enough to get a date, but my friend Mehdi was lucky more than once.It is actually seen as quite shameful to be dating a non-Muslim European woman, and men like that are looked down upon - you rarely see interreligious couples there, unless it's a fling, because they are treated with covert disrespect by people that work in hotels and such.