it is geographically close to the other cities you listed, and a lot of its characteristics match what you are looking for, i think! The downtown and older areas are a lot nicer looking than anything in the Tri-Cities.well if yor up for an hour or so drive to london from your new home there are quite a few good comic book/collectable stores in our downtown area I think it would be worth the drive for you once you guys settle in. If you're a rock drummer and you need gigs, you should move to Hamilton. However, the new areas around the periphery are the ugliest of the the ugly suburban subdivisions.

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My wife Stacey has worked in healthcare/secretarial work for over 12 years, has her own online/home business Sunrider.

She is also big into working out and becoming involved in the fitness field.

She is 33 years old and is a very hard worker at anything she sets her mind to. I am going to open an online vintage comic book store in the next while as well and I need to be in an area where I can buy inventory and participate in the comic book/collectibles field.

I am 42 years old but my wife says Im like a little kid and sure dont look my age.

Although Guelph has a lot of nice stone architecture, it seems dead in comparison for permanent residents (non-students). Theres actually a music scene and people are open minded.

I'd be happy to give you a tour of the area when you arrive. I lived there during university but I mean as a whole (not just on campus) Theres a core (not designed by chimps lol) and plenty of festivals.

King Street in Downtown Kitchener Thanks so much for the imput everyone, it's been very helpful. We'll take it all into consideration while looking for a place...we're not nailed down to any place in particular..wanna find a place to call home base til we find our own niche. Hi Hank, I am a real esate agent located in Cambridge, but do service this entire area. It has a university (so if you decide to rent out your place, you actually have options), there are connections to the outside world (both GO, and Via have stops).

Thanks again everyone, this seems to be a nice forum with good people! I am not sure if you have moved yet, or are still planning on a move. lol But going back to the "no sense of progress", IMO it comes down to 2 things. I find Guelph is more balanced, while Cambridge is the little kid that always had "potential" but didn't do anything. ) Sorry if this seems like a rant, but moving to Cambridge is a mistake. Then again as bad as Cambridge is, it's not Brantford...

She recently ran her own Biggest Loser Challenge to which the winner received an 00 jackpot for losing the most weight in 4 months. Im a professional rock drummer, expert vintage comic book collector and right now, a pizza delivery dude full time.