If Average is your current highest, look at some Few Extra Pounds and Curvy women. You'll discover two things:#1 - There are women who describe themselves in words you'd consider "fat" who really aren't! But guess who fuels those mouthpieces and allows them to have so much power?

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In an article that seems to be 100% obvious, AOL Personals staff writes about a study in which it was found that men find skinny women to be the most attractive.

The bullet points for the study done by Wake Forest University (NC):- Men find thin women to be the most attractive.- Men were also attracted to women who appeared confident.- Men nearly universally found the same women to be attractive vs.

And they're not getting very many emails on their online dating site. Because there are guys who set their search preferences to only look for "Thin/Slender" or "Athletic" women.

But as the AOL Personals article points out, these Most Wanted Women are getting tons of emails every day - I know of women who get upwards of 20 emails a day from men who are interested in them.

Women have wanted to be skinny since time immemorial (i.e.

for the last 40 years or so), but it’s only recently that (straight) women have really wanted the same from their boyfriends and husbands.

unattractive.- Women asked to rate men's attractiveness had much more varied results. Any overweight woman could have told you that the majority of men prefer skinny women. You can see it in our print media, TV, movies, and in the opinions of the "average" Joe on the street. So women feel that they have to do everything they can to comply to society's standards or risk being unloved for the rest of their lives.

Guys, there are PLENTY of women who aren't sticks who are totally sexy.

After all, there have been recent studies that suggest that if you hang out with fat people, you’re likely to get fat, and, speaking less sociologically and more biologically, certain intestinal bacteria can influence your weight, too. It’s only since the era of Twiggy that really thin models have been in, and it’s only been since a number of these models have had similarly-thin, pretty daughters (think Bianca and Jade Jagger, Isabella and Elettra Rossellini, Kelly Emberg and Ruby Stewart, Beverly and Anansa Johnson…an endless list, really) that consciousness that you might want to pass on skinny genes to your progeny has spread.

And not only do the mother’s genes matter: witness skinny rocker men with gorgeous, willowy daughters (Keith Richards and Steven Tyler come to mind).

They’d rather try to get/stay skinny by hanging out with skinny, bitchy queens.