All dating websites are designed in the form of community websites, meeting all demands of such kind of websites.

Built upon a responsive layout, the theme is packed with lot of features. This is dating websites theme design that is packed with an array of great features. This is a template design that can be attained easily from the internet.

One of the most popular ways would be to start a generic dating site but because of the excess in such kind of websites, the above step would lead into an unproductive business so instead what you should consider is follow the strategy which the most successful dating sites follow which is, create niche dating sites that pair people by race, sexual orientation or religion.

To start with, there are quite a few script options that can be used - some good, some not as good; but in this article, I'm going to be covering the best approach that I know of - making it using my favourite CMS - Joomla!

Let's start with some facts: According to Tekarati, The U. online dating market is expected to increase spending to $932 million in 2011 and is considered the largest segment of "paid content" Now the question is - how do you grab this opportunity and make such a site for your own personal needs or that of a future client?

Before we get to the technology how to, it's important to first decide what kind of a dating website you should create.

The user can save a lot of time though the employment of this template design. The concept of this theme is very beautiful and is rather generalist in its theme/.

The user can hence employ this theme in a number of purposes.

You have a lovely picture of a couple for the banner with menu bar at the top and social media buttons below.

Built on Bootstrap & AS Frameworks, the theme here has come up with as many as twenty module options.

For each level, differentiated prices can be set, depending on the time period.