Look around when you walk into the room, and you look engaged and approachable. Say their name People love the sound of their own name more than anything else. Mirror mirror We’re now moving into the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques so beloved of 21st century seduction gurus.

Studies have shown that hearing your name makes you feel happy and relaxed. But as with many of these tricks, don’t overdo it or you’ll sound irritating and fake. But never mind the fancy labels; mirroring (or “pacing”, in NLP jargon) is an age-old trick for building rapport.

Some things are best left unsaid until you’re a couple of successful dates down the line. A: Surprisingly few do, because they know it’s a pointless strategy. Q: Should I send a list of questions about their profile? Drop them a note to say hello, and mention one or two points in their profile that intrigued you. You’re supposed to be interested in them and their profiles, not spamming everyone with junk mail saying “hi, you’re great and I’m available.” Q: I emailed someone and they never wrote back. Q: How long should I keep someone waiting before I reply to their email? You won’t “keep them keen,” you’ll make them find someone else to date. A: If you’ve had a couple of dates and things are going well, you should both take your profiles off the active list.

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Online dating moves fast, and there’s lots of competition. If they reply to you quickly, then you’re free to reply to them quickly. A: If that’s what you normally do, go ahead – it’s the real you. It’s very rude to block them simply because you don’t fancy them. Six emails in total is enough to know whether you want a date. If you’ve been out several times, you must deliver the break-up face to face.

If someone stops writing, they lost interest or met someone. Q: Can I use smileys and text abbreviations in an email? The ‘block’ feature on most dating websites is only to be used if someone is bothering you. You can’t judge chemistry unless you meet up, so you may be wasting each other’s time.

Psychologists reckon that mirroring is so powerful that it even works if the person you fancy is at the other side of the room.

But as with name-saying, don’t be too obvious, or you’ll look like you’re making fun of them. It’s all about them, them, them Don’t interrogate your date, but make the conversation all about them.

Listen to their chatter, digest their dreams and opinions – and cunningly drop the same (but re-phrased) opinions into conversation later on. A high-pitched voice with lots of hesitation can sound shifty, so it won’t do you much good on a date (or in the witness box). Smile Smiling makes you look warm, open and confident, even if you’re nervous as hell. In a trick that psychologists call “the feedback smile”, the physical act of smiling produces sensations of happiness. Dr David Givens of the US Center for Non-verbal Studies advises call centre workers: “Smiling produces a softer, more inviting tone of voice. Reach out and touch Casually touching your date is a powerful way to express interest and create a connection. If they pull away, it suggests that they’re not interested.

Combine this strategy with the NLP “trance words” tactic, and you can’t fail. By contrast, a fluent, soft and slightly lowered tone conveys trustworthiness and warmth. There’s a great trick for sounding sexy on the phone: lie on your back, and your voice will sound more husky than usual. Touching their elbow when you get up for a drink, or the small of their back when you pass, is a powerful seduction signal. But if they allow your hand to linger or push slightly against it, they’re definitely interested. Leave them wanting more It’s human nature to want what we can’t have.

However, don’t start the profile with: “I asked my friend to tell me why I’m a catch, and here’s what he said.” You’ll sound like a conjoined friend-twin who can’t think for him or herself.

If they know you well, they may be able to see and articulate what you can’t. A: Only if you want to be fabulously crude, or you’re actively seeking a gold-digger. Keeping it there “just in case” is very unfair to your new lover, and they’d be justifiably upset if they found out.

A steady, relaxed gaze says you’re interested and at ease.