Even if someone’s dealbreakers seem ridiculous to you, choice.Not every dealbreaker is necessarily formed out of bitter experience or careful consideration.You may automatically nix dog lovers because no matter how much they promise to clean their place and groom Fido, trace amount of dog dander sets off your allergies.

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Other times that price is considerably greater and requires more consideration on a person’s part – is this something that you’re willing to give up or put up with if it means being able to be with them? If you’ve spent some time in online dating, you’ll have run across people who spell out exactly what they will and won’t accept in a date.

And on occasion, that price is too great for you to be willing to pay it, no matter how you may feel about somebody. If their dealbreakers exclude And to be fair, finding out that somebody doesn’t want to date you because of something out of your control – your height, for example – can feel insulting on a personal level.

If you are the sort of person who insists that “drama” is a dealbreaker, then you need to examine whether your idea of “drama” translates to “my partner having needs or desires that annoy me.” On the other hand, the common complaint that women won’t date shorter men has less to do with height being inherently attractive and more to do with ideas about gender roles.

There’s a great deal of pressure for men and women to conform to masculine and feminine roles; a woman being taller than a man often makes her feel less feminine.

It’s also rituals that they take comfort in, a culture that they love and a community that is often central to their lives.

Dating someone outside of your religion is more than just issues like “God’s ok with buttstuff because everyone knows He’s cool with technicalities”, it’s how this person will or won’t fit into your life and your future together.But as with boundaries, what we will and won’t accept in a romantic partner is an entirely personal decision.Other people don’t get to decide whether or not your dealbreakers are or aren’t legitimate.Asian men and black women, for example, both stand at a disadvantage in dating because of the social messages conveyed about them.Asian men are seen as feminine or sexually null, while black women with strong sub-Saharan features and darker skintones are portrayed as less attractive and desirable than black women with more European facial features. You might be surprised how often what we think of as acceptable or unacceptable is based on other people’s opinions and popular culture rather than how we feel ourselves.Similarly, a man may push back against dating a larger woman less because of how will judge him.