Though I have a sizeable collection of Russian chess books from the 80’s, I have not scanned them because of the language problem.

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English dictionary, and I might be able to get away with searching that for results.

It's not a great scan though, so I don't know how well the OCR worked.

That way I could give more attention to Basque, since the lexicon and grammar of Faroese are already quite similar to English, so it would be simpler to learn, relatively. Not sure, I have just moved so it's at the bottom of a box somewhere It was pretty expensive though, 390 DKK...

And you definitely should On Skype, in the Nordic chat there are two native speakers at the moment (and none of your exes ) plus me and Aleco.

Another good thing is that it teaches you a lot of words with its grammar examples as well. It's funny actually, it wasn't long ago in that very chat room, that we discussed a couple of vanished users, so we're glad to see you back as Johanna mentioned Mulder-21 is also there a lot, by the way, in addition to Roskur. I'm really interested in Faroese again, and like always, all I really lack is a good dictionary. Add me on Skype: sjheiss I will have to go with magipojken, the dictionary at is what I am using, they have applications for IOS and Android too.

If this dictionary is worth it, for about a month, I would get it.

I have OCRed the book in Russian, so you can copy text material & paste it in any translation site like Google translate and try your luck!

If the response is good, I shall think of scanning some of the other Russian chess books that I have…

If I do decide to learn Faroese, I think I'll buy the thesaurus dictionary scan that.

I am very seriously deciding to learn Faroese at the moment, in place of Georgian.

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