Mc Clurkin, who is a father to teenage son Matthew, has never been married.Yolanda Adams has gained much success and fame in her professional life.Gospel singer Donnie Mc Clurkin is dating fellow Christian artist Nicole C. Rumors were sparking when they attended the Stellar Awards earlier this year.

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First, she met to boyfriend and in the following year she married with him.

Their relation was one of the abusive relationships.

The quotes from the show are true but Mc Clurkin never announced an engagement.

Christian has done this to me quite a few times so I’m not surprised but I am very disappointed in this.

That’s what I want.”Then Crouch asked Mc Clurkin to tell the people his future bride’s name.

He said Mullen and mentioned that they met on a flight to Africa in December 2015.Yes Pastor Donnie is in a relationship but he hasn’t made any announcement.No one should steal the joy of making a wonderful announcement like this. ”The audience erupted in applause and the camera panned to Mc Clurkin who looked shocked that Crouch made the announcement.Hey guys, it’s always good to hear about Christians in love.It appears that’s the case with Pastor Donnie Mc Clurkin and CCM recording artist Nicole Mullen. Nicole was previously married to a Christian producer, but her marriage didn’t last.