I also try to find any deals and coupons that I can use before I can go shopping to offset the higher cost.

Conversely, shopping at thrift shops for these particular items isn't just cheap, it's downright disgusting.

It doesn't matter your financial state: you should buy new, clean underwear — always.

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I've purchase clearance food items from the grocery store in the past, and I've recommended it in some of my articles.

I've also visited secondhand food stores, like the Wonder Bread Bake Shop outlet and the Pepperidge Farm Outlet Center to score deals on perfectly edible food that just may not be as fresh-from-the-oven as I would prefer. But one thing I will never do — at least while I can afford to buy food — is adopt a life of freeganism, which is the practice of eating discarded food, ie. The cheapness level here is Code Red, and its grossness is up there with the thrift shop underwear.

There's a thin line between being frugal and being cheap, but how do we know when we're in danger of crossing it?

Being frugal is being resourceful and savvy about how you spend your money, whereas being cheap is trying to cut corners to the detriment of yourself or others just so you don't have to spend money.

Some people, however, try to trick the system and save on subscription fees by distorting their information (like spelling out their phone number in letters and characters) to avoid paying for a membership — which probably isn't the best first impression to make when you're looking for someone to go out with you.

I heard a story once about a guy so cheap that when he went to the club with his buddy, he made his buddy lick his wrist after paying and receiving the admission stamp to transfer the admission stamp to him.

"Making a profile and writing your email address backwards or adding your Facebook details to avoid paying is cheap — especially if you are trying to meet someone across the pond." To clarify her point, many online dating services require a subscription for users to exchange personal contact information — that's how they make their money and build the community.

Without a subscription, the service will block attempts to share phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Likewise, don't be the jerk that goes out to eat with friends and doesn't order anything but then picks off other people's plates.

That's a good way to get your hand stabbed with a fork if you're dining with me.

Rochelle Peachey runs the transatlantic dating site I Love Your Accent, and she sent me her take on the difference between being frugal and cheap.