I have dated and did not let my medical history stop me. The thing with telling a woman your past is more in "how" you do it, and that you do it.

But I can say I have never been rejected based on my post trans status as a IS male by one single woman.

As long as you get there the rest is pretty much easy if you pace the info right. I've dated straight women all my life also, guess they always saw the man inside. Even now when I date I never tell them anything at first, I just let them get to know me a little.

I have never dated a gay woman even prior to transition, a few bi chicks but never a lesbian, I just have always had strait women drawn to me and aware that I was a guy without me saying a thing pre transition. I don't feel I have to share my history just because I'm having a cup of coffee with them.

I have had top surgery recently, and that makes a HUGE difference, to both of us.

What I can say is it is better to be honest about stuff.

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