It should be short and funny reflecting your personality.

But, in order to showcase your personality you should just not go on and write facts. These are few lines on your profile at instagram describing what you are all about.

When you look ath the Bios of Celebrities in top 100 instagram List, most of the Bios will either be empty or filled with Just their name.

Although some of them had some quotes or facts written on their profile.

Since the character limit is there, its become extremely difficult to create a powerful Bio which give a solid impact on profile visitor.

Now, some people give short info about themselves while some insert a quote or life lesson they believe.

One of the best way to write a formatted instagram Bio is to write your Bio in Microsoft word and then paste it in your edit Bio section. Its never wrong to create your own Bio if you want because in that case you will tell something original about you, which will let the world know more about you by looking at your instagram profile.

But, whatever be never miss the fun factor to embed in your Bio.

Cute quotes underlining the contradictions in life are also cool.

Icons on instagram profile look very good and its better if you intelligently stuff text with icons.

But, its not impossible if you stuff your Bio with excitement, Buzz and humour.