Freezing the main revenue source for local governments and public education will cause severe strain in communities across the state.Indeed, such an initiative would make it virtually impossible for communities to maintain adequate levels of such basic services as police and fire protection.This is an especially questionable proposal now, given that recent state law imposed a significant increase in pension funding requirements on local governments that will continue to grow over the next two decades.

Delivering his annual budget address Wednesday, Rauner ran down a list of things he’d like to see in the grand bargain.

A number of those items, such as term limits on legislative leaders — that’s aimed at you, Mike — and making permanent a tax credit for research and development, already are in the mix.

Legal counsel for the unions led the defense of the order, arguing persuasively that by agreeing to abide by court orders, the General Assembly has in effect appropriated funds for state employee payroll.

The judge indicated that he did not want to see state government shut down and that the balance of equities in the case favored continuing to pay state employees.

This ranking comes from a Tax Foundation report that includes taxes paid to other states.

If you look only at taxes actually collected by governments in Illinois, then our state ranked just 27th in state and local tax burden as a percentage of income in 2014 — slightly below the median.

Clair County judge denying the Attorney General’s motion to block state employee pay.

“We’re pleased our hard working state employees, who show up to work every day on behalf of the people of Illinois, will continue to be paid.

* However, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance also told LRU that it is tasked with approving workers’ comp insurance rate changes.