Isaacs also pays nearly ,000 a month in support for two children from a past relationship, ,500 on auto expenses and transportation, ,708 in maintenance and repair on his properties and another ,732 on groceries.

He has also asked for help in paying the ,677 he gives in charitable donations and the ,000 he spends on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

She is dressed in a black leather jacket (“Gucci; really old”) and burgundy Rag & Bone jodhpurs, with a natty pair of zebra-print slippers.

She once threatened to punch a female journalist in an interview and was sent for etiquette lessons by her record label.

Back then, I would have been more likely to be the one in tears. We are still at the Ritz-Carlton in New York (her long-time interview venue of choice) overlooking Central Park, and the room is definitely warm, but so too is Blige.

I got up,” she says proudly, before her voice falters and she drops her face into her hands. It’s all true, and I made it out, but I guess just seeing it all again and picturing everything that happened…” I dash into the bathroom for tissues.

Such uninhibited emotion would be noteworthy enough from any star, but coming from Blige it’s a revelation.

The nine-time Grammy Award-winner had released six studio albums before the couple got married.

She had already made the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001 with one of of her most famous songs, Family Affair, and her album Love & Life made the Billboard 200 in August 2003, selling nearly 300,000 copies in its first week.

He then argues that the fact that Blige has already given him two payments in spousal support is evidence she 'has her own reservations regarding the validity and enforcement' of the prenup.

Isaacs also claimed in the filing that he had a 'significant role' in growing Blige's career, negotiating 'practically every deal on behalf' of the songstress since their marriage, court papers state.‘Although Ms Blige was a recording artist before we married, her income significantly increased during the marriage as I was her personal manager,’ he claims.

“I guess my own voice – or God – spoke to me and said, ‘Haven’t you learnt anything?

This is the moment where you see what you’re made of – get up.’ “And I did.

In the past, she has been known for her raw, openly autobiographical songs – which helped sell more than 50 million albums over her 22-year career – but she also has a fierce reputation.