After that, we kissed each other on lips and then went to a deep sleep. But, he did leave a thankful note for such a wonderful performance and promised to visit me back.

It was first time I was seeing a guy so passionate about my chest.

Moving back to story, the guy moved his lips all over my body. I kept on saying, “Please don’t, please don’t in excitement.” But, he didn’t listen at all and continued eating my pussy till it was lubricated enough.

He fondled my bosom gently before fastening his lips on them.

I felt a sensation between my legs as his lips touched my nipples.

I embraced him tightly and widen my legs to show him that I was ready to accept him. I jumped with excitement when his hands ran over my bosom. He spread my legs apart and then inserted his cock deep inside my body.

He moved his cock in all directions slowly in my body.

Suddenly, he spread my legs apart while sitting and rolled his tongue on my clean pussy. When he saw my vagina enough lubricated, he inserted his huge cock insidemy body. He held me tight in his arms while his cock rotated from all angles.

Soon, I had an orgasm and in excitement I scratched his back with my long nails.

And her tongue and lips know how to give you great pleasure. She is so good in bed that makes you forget about everything.

She was excellent all the time except one thi more Amelia review submited by Kuzma Kristoff She looked fabulous in lingerie.

Overall, we got comfortable with each other in disc that helped us in taking our relationship to next level.