The purpose of connecting to the server is to conduct a conversation with it while the connection is open.

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On the other hand, when you are working with null-terminated strings, you have the luxury of constructing queries using standard C library string functions that you're probably already familiar with, such as .

Another factor to consider in constructing queries is whether or not you need to perform any character-escaping operations.

A column alias effectively renames the column of a result set.

To specify a column alias, use the SQL object, and the value has to be converted back to a numeric type before it can be operated on as a number.

The update counts that indicate how many rows were affected by each command are stored in the array Auto Commit(false); Prepared Statement pstmt = con.prepare Statement( "INSERT INTO COFFEES VALUES( " "? For example, if five commands executed successfully, the array will contain five numbers: the first one being the update count for the first command, the second one being the update count for the second command, and so on. The insert row is a special row associated with an updatable result set.

It is essentially a buffer where a new row can be constructed by calling the updater methods prior to inserting the row into the result set.

(MSVC does not support C99.) function establishes a connection to the database.

We provide connection handler, host name, user name and password parameters to the function.

The function returns 0 if the execution went OK and there are more results.

It returns -1, when it is executed OK and there are no more results.

) for retrieving column values from the current row. For maximum portability, result set columns within each row should be read in left-to-right order, and each column should be read only once.