I want to download the new heist update to try out the new vehicles with the gamesave editor.If I don't like it, I want to go back to the version I have right now.Is it possible to make a backup of the version I have?

Could I get the hydra and all the other vehicles without updating and using the gamesave editor? It's either 1.22 (or whatever they are up to now) or 1.00. I used to be on 1.11, the High Life Update when we got the Zentorno, Massacro, and Huntley S.

Or would I need to download the update still to have the files for the vehicles to work? I am not sure on PS4/One, but on PS3/360, you CAN go backward, but not one Patch backward. But I decided to delete all the nonsense DLC's and roll back to 1.00 where the game performed at it's all time best. Cuz from staying on 1.00 for so long, I mastered Rockstar's flaws and know ways around them.

After enjoying almost two years' worth of free updates to GTA Online, PS3 and Xbox 360 players of Grand Theft Auto V will have to move on to newer consoles or the PC version to get more, Rockstar has confirmed.

Next week's significant new additions to GTA Online - specifically Freemode Events, new spontaneous open-world events that anyone can take part in - will not be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game, because it has become impossible for the technology of the older consoles to support it.

A glitch which can be used to your advantage in the game isn't the same.

Furthermore, NO outside source is used to achieve what you need.

You're not gonna get a 1 in your Stats, like when you type in Cheats... Or you could use a USB Drive and probably keep the specific patch you want on the USB Drive, so you can roll back. Someone should of took the liberty of making Version 1.00, 1.01, 1.02..............1.22, then we could download any version we choose to use, considering they are all different and have different bugs and glitches. (the update before the heist update) Basically, from my understanding, the only way you could do it is if you already had the game installed on a USB before updating to the patch you intend to keep. You need to remove your hard drive with the version you want to keep, replace it with a fresh drive, install V, then apply the latest update.

Granted, as I been saying all along, 1.00 is the least buggy. Then you could simply pull the USB, install the game to your HDD, and update to the most recent patch to try it out. When you're done, replace the old hard drive back into the console, and you will have the old version. It has to be a drive you can physically put inside the machine I believe.

Just swap out the HDD with the old verison, swap in the new, set it up, install V, get the update.