Mika Seguchi Tohma is married to Eiri's older sister, Mika.

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He is over-protective of Eiri to the point where it becomes an obsession, and there are several incidents that make it evident that between his business and Eiri, Eiri will always come first.

The end of the anime suggests that Tohma's affection for Eiri also is romantic. Shuichi Shindou Shuichi was a fan of Nittle Grasper (indeed, he claims that the reason he started with music at all was because of them), and idolized Tohma for his skills at the keyboard.

Tohma was not initially interested in signing Bad Luck to N-G Records; only after Sakano had taken them on did Tohma involve himself in helping them, and it is heavily suggested that the only reason he did so was because he approved of Shuichi's influence on Eiri.

When their relationship appears to become a threat to Eiri's well-being, Tohma does not hesitate to use his position to threaten Shuichi into choosing between Eiri and the future of his band.

Their personalities retain their base but they have expanded as needed.

Pairings: Tohma/Ryuichi, Eiri/Shuichi, Tohma/Shuichi mentions of Tohma/Tatsuha, Tohma/Suguru, Ryuichi/Suguru, Tohma/Taki, Tohma/Eiri and possible others. Warnings will vary per chapter..are pretty safe on this one. I don't think these particular characters would ever be in this sort of situation.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! He is the head of N-G recording company and demands the best from all his contractual bands.

Keyboard player in Nittle Grasper and Mika Seguchi's husband.

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Tohma is very protective of Eiri Yuki, and blames himself for the trauma Eiri suffered as a teenager, seeing that he was the one who hired Yuki Kitazawa in the first place.