But if you Google "Tegan and Sara,' you get gay." Characterization, duality and tangled matters of the heart are thematic elements of Tegan and Sara's repertoire1999's for any specific reasons, it was just a whole bunch of themes, feelings and ideas that I've been having and talking about.

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Just as their lexicon has become more unflinching, the band’s latest taps into newer, more effervescent realms of upbeat expression musically as well; it’s not a clone.

Where a few years ago Tegan and Sara found new audiences by way of alternative-pop scores, new tracks like “That Girl,” “Faint of Heart,” and “U-Turn” focus on up-to-date rhythms, frequently accented by modern-retro synths that could’ve originated from a record by either Duran Duran or Carly Rae Jepsen.

But almost a decade into their musical careersafter a Letterman appearance, the creation of their own DC designer skateboard shoe, tours to Australia, Japan and Europe, and soundtrack appearances on and their "Speak Slow" video).

"With Sara and I living in different cities, it made sense to focus on one area, instead of just picking Vancouver or Montreal," Quin says.

There was like eight of us living there, it was great." In true Tegan and Sara fashion, there are guest appearances from their mother, Sonia Clement, reverend Rental Matt Sharp (ex-Weezer wunderkind), AFI's bassist Hunter Burgan and Death Cab For Cutie's drummer Jason Mc Gerr, not to mention a brief monologue by Dr. "Sara thought it would be cool for Matt to play on her songs," Quin says.

"And I have a project with Hunter from AFI, so I could use him."I was just out of a five-year relationship and into the fray of singledom," Quin says."It was the first time I had been single in a really, really long time."Sometimes identifying us as lesbians, I'm not sure entirely how beneficial that is for our music.If you are writing a personality piece, I suppose that makes total sense to talk about the fact that we're twins and we're lesbians, or that we're from Canada.The band was on a break, I was single and had a significant amount of free time where I wasn't really obligated to do anything.