Stay off for 4 years and you might as well buy new licenses.

Having been in a large corporation, we went off maintenance in 2002, but I still had tech support by using the site ID from another division.

You pay a one time set fee for your software from UGS, you choose which version.

Should you choose NOT to pay maintenance or stop paying maintenance, you're stuck on THAT version and will NOT be eligible for support or new licensing until you pay the maintenance fees.

At some point maybe these items will get the attention they deserve by UG. "Through curve mesh" intersection errors force me to fix the intersections and then start all over again.

So I'll start it off with a couple that immediately come to mind:#1. Why does making a DXF or a DWG of my drawing have to be so difficult? Why am I forced to run it through CGM in order to get reliable results? Let me fix errors during feature creation rather than having to start all over again. Let me edit the intersections from within the creation menu so I don't have to re-select all of my geometry again!

Apply this mentality to all feature the ability to fix mistakes on-the-fly. I've seen similar threads in other posts that help reveal poor QA procedures at some CAD companies.

I think I'll be more likely to add items to a thread on a message board than write them down on a notepad so let's give it a shot! You are right, I have also reported some of the problems which needs to be fixed1. I used to do QA work for PTC so I have no problems interogating UG and finding bugs.Tim Flater Senior Designer Enkei America, There is also a catch-up fee if you stop paying maintenance.The last I heard it was 25% of the cost of a new seat per year that you are off maintenance.I do not believe I knew about its existence until 3 years into using UG. In the past, I would apply it as a circular array & one of the grouped features would fail in only one instance, while working just fine on the rest.But, in UGS' defense, it has been working fine for me since NX2.While editing the sketches I end up with a Ugraf error.2. Mostly I try to make work around or not use the bad functionality I encounter if at all possible.#1 Load options - Oh why can't UG automatically try to load from directory first and then the Saved As locations that the referenced files are from then search through a directory list.