“There’s a whole new sub-class of part-time residents that flow back and forth,’’ said Rene Suarez, a Fort Myers attorney who represents Cubans charged in criminal schemes. The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, a remarkable act of Congress passed at the height of the Cold War, gives Cubans advantages over every other immigrant group.“They tell me stories and live very comfortably in Cuba with the illegitimate money that they’re able to obtain here in the United States.” The Sun Sentinel traveled to Cuba, examined hundreds of court documents, and obtained federal data never before made public to provide the first comprehensive look at a criminal network facilitated by U. Cubans are allowed to enter the United States without visas or background checks of their criminal histories in Cuba.• As of 6 October UTC, Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches are in effect for several parts of the Bahamas, as well as several parts of Florida and South Carolina states (USA).

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According to official reports, more than 1 million are estimated to be evacuated throughout the region.

A yearlong Sun Sentinel investigation found money stolen in the United States streaming back to Cuba, and a revolving door that allows thieves to come here, make a quick buck and return.

Strained relations between the countries make it nearly impossible to capture criminals who flee to the island.

They also make it nearly impossible to deport criminals to Cuba after they serve their sentences in the U.

Cuba’s state-controlled economy benefits from the illicit money.

In one South Florida insurance scam alone, ringleaders sent millions back to the island and the Cuban government seized 0,000.OCHA reports 10 people injured and over 15 600 evacuated in the Departments of Grand'Anse, Nippes, West, Centre, South and Southeast (Haiti).However, due to lack of access to many affected areas a full picture of the situation is not yet available.Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge may affect the areas along its path.JRC calculations estimated a storm surge of 2.8 m in Red Bay (The Bahamas) on 6 October at 17.00 UTC.Authorities in the Dominican Republic report 35 019 displaced in family houses and 794 in official shelters with 3 174 houses partially damaged and 20 destroyed.