You’ll have an executable which requires a pass phrase to There is a file (Updshlc.xml) that controls the update feature of IDWedge Pro.

updating old palm to usb-49updating old palm to usb-37updating old palm to usb-48

What a strange company--one would think that they would do almost anything to get this straightened out. My palm 505 (IBM workpad 505 actually) didnt freeze up when I wrote that symbol followed by .1 Is the a special way of doing this, because I just write the symbol followed by .1, and press "done" i the program. I owned the m515 for less than three weeks before I caught SUDS.

Seems my offense was carrying my Palm in the pocket of a polar fleece jacket, and giving it a static shock when I removed the jacket. One trick: some users that haven't been able to get the shortcut .

So are you saying you tried it and it doesn't work? I left it on the cradle all night and in the morning... Palm support didnt say anything about a USB issue but however initiated an advanced exchange, sending me a new device with 15 days to send back the old one.

Or are you like the cat who sat on a hot stove and will never do it again, but also won't sit on a cold stove either? I finally transferred everything over from my old m505 to the new one and now, 2 days later, the new m505 has the same problem.

I let the Palm discharge for 5 hours from an almost full battery on full light.

(Funny....battery never seemed to last that long.) Sort of an annoying problem, especially if this is to keep happening (happened once with a 505 I used to own).

1 combo working may need to perform a hard reset of the Palm first (some instructions on the net leave this out).

This shouldn't matter, since you're losing all your data anyway.

Some level of caution is good but too much caution is just as bad as being too trusting. I started the procedure sunday at 5.00 pm and i left the palm discharching till monday 22.00 pm. I haven't sent back the old palm so i used it to test this one out and it worked great.