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Access and fulfill minimum subscription requirements. Vehicle must be properly equipped and in active and usable cellular range for 3G Wi-Fi usage.

This feature should not be used by the driver while the vehicle is in motion.

After the activation step, the service worker will control all pages that fall under its scope, though the page that registered the service worker for the first time won't be controlled until it's loaded again.

Once a service worker is in control, it will be in one of two states: either the service worker will be terminated to save memory, or it will handle fetch and message events that occur when a network request or message is made from your page.

To avoid this, you can only register service workers on pages served over HTTPS, so we know the service worker the browser receives hasn't been tampered with during its journey through the network.

Github Pages are served over HTTPS, so they're a great place to host demos.

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During development you'll be able to use service worker through , but to deploy it on a site you'll need to have HTTPS setup on your server.

Using service worker you can hijack connections, fabricate, and filter responses. While you would use these powers for good, a man-in-the-middle might not.

If all the files are cached successfully, then the service worker becomes installed.