Still, Winter said one way to get a network to tone down a program or change its air time to draw a different audience is to apply pressure through its advertisers.

In the advertising wars to gain cellphone customers, Sprint is taking fire from an unexpected source — television reformers.

The Parents Television Council has targeted Overland Park-based Sprint and electronics manufacturer Samsung because their advertisements appeared during two episodes of a show called “Dating Naked.” Sprint’s ads appeared on the program as a result of how television advertising works.

Winter said the red-light rating on “America’s Got Talent” was a mistake that he would see corrected.

It must have been based on a previous year’s broadcasts.

From a very early age, Ashley studied the piano, as his mother Paula was a successful piano teacher with many students of her own. In one incident, at the age of nine he inadvertently set fire to his elementary school’s football and soccer fields due to the explosion of a model rocket he had launched on school property; local police charged him with a misdemeanor.

As an adolescent, he was hired in an open casting call by the California-based video game company Working Designs, who produced many cult-hit role-playing games that required extensive voice acting.

The Parents Television Council issues its own ratings on prime-time network broadcasts based on what it considers suitable for the entire family.

Most shows go unrated, but many rated shows land in the worst category.

The company orders ad placements to reach types of viewers, and that includes a TV-14 audience, Tovar said.