If the latter sounds familiar, spend some time with your pals to rebuild your confidence before diving back into the dating pool.

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Whether due to a death in the family, the loss of a pet, a personal accident, or otherwise, trauma can emotionally stunt a person indefinitely.

Of course, while you don't want to let a past experience control your life forever, you have every right to take the time necessary to cope with whatever you've experienced before taking on the burden of dating again. If you're out of a job right now, it's probably not the best time to hunt for companionship.

You might not realize how your most recent string of dates has affected your confidence.

Or, you could be well aware of how your recent experiences have affected your performances on dates.

Add this to all of the everyday anxiety caused by life in the modern world, and you've got a recipe for dating overload.

If you've been feeling stressed about your romantic life, and suspect that you might benefit from a dating vacation, ask yourself the following seven questions.In this video, she reaffirms that dating can be emotionally draining, and can take a great toll. anything that really feeds your soul."Want to learn more? TRANSCRIPT: SHOULD I JUST TAKE A BREAK FROM DATING?If you do decide to take a break from the dating scene, use that time to do things that make you extremely happy, and feel at peace. Hi I’m Jasbina Ahluwalia with Ask an Expert answering your love and relationship questions. If you've become overly cynical about dating, you might be wondering whether or not it's a smart idea to take a break from dating.Dating coach, matchmaker and Your Tango Expert Jasbina Ahluwalia agrees with you.Not only is it important that you can take care of yourself financially before attempting to intertwine your life with anyone else, but a career provides confidence and even a sense of identity – both highly attractive qualities to a mate. Though you may not realize just how inappropriate dating is for you right now, the people who love you might be well aware.