I also noticed that there were a lot of young Chinese people wearing respirators because of the swine flu scare.

I had heard of the possibility of quarantine and was prepared to possibly have a week of my trip wasted. I have traveled quite a bit in western countries and this flight was no different.

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However, with the internet and the Olympics, a bit of much needed fresh air was allowed to enter and remove some of the stench of American propaganda.

Even so, I was surprised at what I saw when I went to China.

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Beijing Old Photo courtesy of have to say that I really didn’t do much research about the culture of China before I went there.

I wasn’t going to see the sights; I was going with a mission, to meet my next and hopefully last wife. I don’t know what I was expecting to see other than the images of the women of CLM that were etched into my brain, along with the hours of amusing chats, especially with one woman in particular.

It seems that our expectations are dependent upon information we have previously received. When it comes to our beliefs about other countries and cultures, we are often misinformed, especially if the information comes from representatives of our country and our culture. For example if you learn about a country that is considered to be an enemy of your own country, you will receive an interpretation of that country based on the relationship of your country and the other countries political system at the present time.

Because I was reared during the cold war era my indoctrination into the Chinese culture was skewed to say the least, especially when a very conservative fundamentalist Christian influence is added to the mix.

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I gave him the name of my hotel and he told me how much I was going to pay.