The 28-year-old actress admitted she sings on set every chance she gets!While a totally musical episode isn’t in the works yet, Vanessa added, “I’m singing all the time so maybe we’ll give [the producers] a hint.” “Every day on set is a musical episode with Vanessa,” writer and executive producer Patrick Schumacker revealed.Melinda is nice to a new student named Heather Billings (Allison Siko), who claims to be Melinda's "friend", but Heather soon abandons Melinda when the chance for social advancement arises.

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At first, Rachel refuses to believe her, thinking that Melinda is lying out of jealousy, and calls her "sick", but comes to realize the truth by confronting Andy.

After Rachel begins to tell other people what happened, Andy threatens and begins to attack Melinda.

Production took place in Columbus, Ohio because a production partner, Matthew Myers, was relocating there with his wife. Flooding during an especially heavy summer rain caused filming to be temporarily postponed and during that time author Laurie Halse Anderson visited the set with her daughter.

Anderson herself cameos in the film as the lunch lady who gives Melinda the mashed potatoes.

The party was crashed, causing mayhem and everyone to flee from the police.

When her parents see her report card, they prompt her to see Mr.Neck (Robert John Burke), who tells her to write an essay on any history topic.After refusing to read her paper aloud to her class, she gets sent to the office of the school principal.He corners her in the art room and tries to force her to tell everybody at school that the incident is false, and she struggles to get free, eventually overpowering him.They are found by one of her old friends and a group of girls who help Melinda and trap Andy. Neck sees Melinda walking away from the scene and asks what was going on, but Melinda doesn't respond.The school scenes for the movie were shot at Eastmoor Academy on the east side of Columbus.