She has tried to maintain her personal stuffs out of public knowledge at the recent times to avoid the rumors and scandals.She was once rumored to have deficit of the money to pay to her tuition fees. They got married after they met together and started working together.

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When I die, I want to be buried in a long long-sleeve black Ralph Lauren dress and brown chunky boots.

I want my hair styled like his models, long hair that flows. It is difficult to describe in short the enthusiasm and devotion provoked by and given to my research. I used pencils, two for a nickel, and could not buy a fountain pen, when I lost mine.

Nadine Velazquez talents as an actor started to show signs from her early ages.

When she was just thirteen, she was inspired by her favorite TV series ‘Punky Brewster (NBC 1984-88) to march into Chicago talent agency to try her luck as an actor, which eventually did not, worked her way. A., Nadine Velazquez made a head start to her career by taking on a small role in big project movie ‘Bike Boyz’ (2003).

During childhood as Nadine Velazquez stated that she was hyper and sensitive kid, however, talking about her current state of affairs, she is all of above, except refraining from bouncing off the walls.

The multiethnic lady Nadine Velazquez was born on November 20, 1978 as a first generation Puerto Rican American in Chicago, Illinois.

Nadine Velazquez part in War (2007), an action-thriller starring Jet Li and Jason Statham pushed Nadine Velazquez’s career to a greater height.

Likewise, Nadine Velazquez role as flight attendant Katerina Marquez in the 2012 hit movie Flight is still lauded.

But selfishly or not, I wanted clarity on certain situations and how I was feeling about certain things, and that's what propelled me to write.