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It appears Microsoft are unable to patch this problem once it exists.

xbox updating error-31

In at least one reported case, a console refusing to download the update spontaneously begin work, sometimes after hours of waiting.

This could be related to back-end network connectivity issues on the Microsoft server side.

The steps involve disconnecting your Xbox One console from the Internet and powering the console off manually with your finger.

Attempt to install the game once you boot the console back up, but make sure you're not connected to your Internet provider.

Linking back up to the Internet once the install is complete works just fine, allowing you to update your games accordingly thereafter.

Also you may also "Try Again" at least four (4) times before update takes effect.

This is the recommended course of action, though not the only one, as Microsoft's return times do promise to be hastened.

If you have any information on the cause of the E100 error or any possible solutions, please provide us with the info in the comments below.

Original Article: Xbox One owners maybe in for a nasty shock--it looks like Microsoft's latest software update has broken the "majority of consoles" according to a Microsoft representative.