Rest well knowing you have equipped your teens to make solid dating decisions. You'll be downloading all the lessons and the Power Point in just a couple of minutes!7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (netma)7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (handout)7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (notes)7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (service flow)7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (small groups)There are two relationships teenagers have to master in life, their relationship with Jesus and their relationship with their spouse.Their relationship with Jesus must be mastered now and for all of life, and of course their relationship with their spouse will be later.

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When you join, you get EVERYTHING listed on this page, plus more. We are a couple of guys in ministry with over 50 years of combined experience, not a huge youth ministry corporation where owners are impossible to reach.

Teens are embracing a lifestyle of sexual purity like never before.

Helping them understand why God created sex within marriage is vitally important.

--Mike Long, Author & Producer of "Jeremy & Jara have provided us with some of the best Bible class material that I have seen on relationships.

"Dating Q & A" is a must study for all young people.

ne issue every youth ministry must deal with is the whole area related to teen dating.

There are those who prefer for teens not to date, but others believe it is better to equip teens to make wise decisions and to help them understand how healthy dating will better prepare them to know who to marry later in life.

You open a text and for a split second you see the nude body of a teen.

"Abstinence education is on a roll throughout America! You're saving tons of money over other curriculum options with this feature alone!

will grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while participating in this course." - Lee Wilson, What's the Big Deal with Dating?