Bell is a bit taller which fits with the listings here. I saw her outside of lax and there were cameras everywhere even TMZ was there. Anyway who cares if she's short, she was brave enough to confront to stop killing dolphins and whales.

Tmz asked a few questions for her and she seems happy to answer them. I haven't done any brave stuff like her and I'm 5'8 1/2.

As I wrote before, short celebs lie always about their real height. A presenter women (I don´t know her name), she has her own late night show in US, told the same thing.

They´re in real much more shorter as they claim and she knows it, because she mets all these celebs in her show.

It's hard to really see him under 6 ft 6, he's too massive.

Will be interesting to see how tall their offspring is, two extremes!

I think she is 4'11" said on 14/Oct/11 Ed Kline says on 27/Sep/11 Rob, if Hayden and her ex Wladmir had kids how tall do you think they would be?

[Editor Rob: a mix of genes and maybe a guy would be near to six foot, but if his genes git more of his mum's height genes then maybe average ] Height is a polygenic trait, so their son could be anywhere from smaller than average to taller than his dad.

Do you think it's common to grow naturally only to that height?

I also met a Lybian woman around that height (her 5'range daughter towered her) who didn't seem a dwarf neither but it's the only 2 cases really. The shortest grown woman I've seen aside from one or two dwarfs was about 4 ft 6 or 7 I think, an old woman.

Sometimes they don't wannna or sometimes their agents don't let them.

Its like when I met the Big Show twice I asked for him to stand and they said no because then he'd have to stand for everyone. Honestly, I thought she was like 4'10" or something. I mean from the top of your head to a bit below your eyebrows. :)) I hope you can understand the question because english isn't my first language.

said on 5/Dec/12 @Petitmiam: who said that is jealous of Hayden : D she is indeed quite short but that's not so important.